Teeth Whitening

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    ZOOM! Teeth Whitening Professional, In-Office Teeth Whitening

    This is our main professional in-office whitening system, and our patients love it because we can design a whitening plan that is customized to their needs. The whitening treatment takes about 45 minutes and can brighten your smile by getting teeth up to eight shades whiter in a single treatment. Most patients do not experience temporary tooth sensitivity after treatment.

    Take-Home Whitening Products

    You can maintain the favorable effects of professional teeth whitening at home with a variety of kits we offer. Or, you can forego the in-office procedure and only use take-home treatments for adequate results.

    Opalescence Go

    Opalescence Go is a popular 10-day whitening system available in our office that doesn’t require custom whitening trays. Instead, the “ultrafit trays” are prefilled with the whitening gel and they adapt to all dental arches.

    The whitening gel contains fluoride, as well as potassium nitrate, which has been shown to reduce tooth sensitivity. The gel also comes in tasty flavors such as mint, melon and peach.

    Zoom DayWhite and NiteWhite

    DayWhite and NightWhite are maximum whitening take-home products made by the makers of ZOOM! These products are the only professional take-home whitening system containing amorphous calcium phosphate. It not only whitens your teeth, but it also delivers enamel protection, reduces tooth sensitivity and helps improve luster.

    We make custom-fit trays for your upper and lower dental arches, and you squeeze a small amount of gel into the trays before placing them on your teeth.